Dark Web Trade, are they real?

darknet markets

Darknet markets denote onion websites running on the TOR network. They primarily involve buying and selling illegal goods. Those goods need to be sold without revolving around any user’s identity. That’s where anonymity comes into the picture.

From electronics to drugs, thousands of websites claim to be selling them. But one question which arises in everyone’s mind is whether they are actually selling, or just scamming the user using false promises.

Just because the majority of the markets in the dark web are scams, does not mean it’s completely untrustable. There have multiple incidents in the past where darknet markets have ruled. Millions and millions have been exchanged on the dark web using cryptocurrencies. Few darknet markets like Silk Road, which was the first darknet market, demonstrated the power of the dark web. 

Following the success of Silk Road, then followed Alphabay, Wall Street market, and Hansa Market. All these markets eventually ended up shutting down due to the Feds. If one goes down, another market always tries to take its place.

To decide the worthiness of a market, one needs to spend a lot of time researching about it. Few factors which determine the worthiness of a market are 

  • Is the market providing customer support?
  • Whether the market is supporting payments via Escrow.
  • The level of communication they provide.

We have listed down a few darknet markets that we have verified and found as legit.

  • BlackMart
  • Caribbean Cards


BlackMart, the new darknet market is gaining massive followers for its trust score. BlackMart has got nearly all categories like Carding, Electronics, Money Counterfeits, Documents, and Money transfers. The market is very simple and elegant which gives a user a nice shopping experience. Unlike other markets, BlackMart’s interface is not so complicated. They have multiple sellers from all around the world. BlackMart provides free international shipping on all products. Accepts payments via Escrow. All products are covered under Buyer protection. One disadvantage is that they do sell any drugs.

Onion Link: blackma6xtzkajcy2eahws4q65ayhnsa6kghu6oa6sci2ul47fq66jqd.onion

Caribbean Cards

We have come across these Caribbean Cards recently. Famous for credit, prepaid cards, and PayPal transfers, they provide amazing service to the user. User can shop their products without any registration. Pricing of the products is not so costly, comparing other markets. We recommend Caribbean cards for any users who are looking for Credit cards or PayPal transfers.

Onion Link: caribcc5jik7maeqfit7h34af7ntatggbmlfhyxjnqnrhij7gjt5vtid.onion

To keep the dark web safe, we have listed down the majority of the onion scam websites. Make sure to check it before transferring any funds to the seller.  

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