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The Dark Web: The Anonymous Space

The dark web is infamous for its extensive reach and anonymity. It is home to many activities, the most famous being illicit and illegal. If you ask where to find weapons, harmful materials, or stolen identities, your first step might be to the dark web. Moreso, the dark web is also not sold in a positive light in the movies. 

Unfortunately, that is only one side of the coin. There is a whole world on the dark web; you can explore it when you want to browse anonymously and safely.

The dark web has a lot to offer, and today, we will go through everything about the deep web and teach you how to access it. 

What is the Dark Web?

Did you know that there exists a part of the internet that you can browse without being visible to search engines? If you are curious, you are already halfway to understanding the dark web. The dark web uses Tor, an anonymizing browser, to grant access.  

In short, search engines do not index that part of the internet when you use it. Thanks to the anonymous nature of the dark web, it had become a hotbed for criminal activities. 

And since 2016, things have only worsened, per Dr. Micheal McGuires from the University of Surrey, as stated in his Into the Web of Profit study conducted in 2019.

Regardless of all the bad press that the dark web receives, there is still a good part to it. For intense, if you enjoy playing chess, the Chess Club in the dark web will blow your mind away.

Deep Web

On the other hand, the deep web defines a section of the internet that regular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo cannot access. This means that standard search engines do not index deep web content. 

The deep web is basically the iceberg beneath the tip. It accounts for almost 90% of all websites, with the exact number of websites in it at any point being unknown. 

Consider this:

When you type in your search request on google, the search engine fishes for the close-to-the-surface answers and submits them to you in its SERPs; however, it leaves a plethora of private databases, academic journals, and much more.

In fact, the dark web is part of the deep web.

History of the dark web

Although the dark web seems like a new addition to the internet, probably developed in the new millennium, it has been around for much longer. You would probably not believe that the dark web, currently packed with individuals running illicit activities, was a US federal government creation. 

In the 1990s, the US federal government used an onion routing principle with the intention of:

  • Protecting members of the intelligence community
  • Protecting whistleblowers
  • Allow for the freedom of thoughts

The US Naval Research Laboratory, where the dark web was invented, used onion routing to keep user information private.

After patenting the onion routing, more computer scientists joined David Goldschlag and Micheal Reed and created the biggest onion routing project, Tor.

Over the years, more scientists have joined the club in advancing the Tor Project, which is still commonly used in the Department of Defence, and many other human rights foundations.

So, what is an onion domain?

An onion domain is a special-use domain name used to keep users anonymous while browsing the web. It uses Tor’s anonymity to hide its location, making it hard to identify or mark user locations. 

A website with an onion domain can access the dark web. The domain comes with website addresses that are:

  • Not user friendly
  • Not registered in the domain name system, hence keeping them private

In short, your regular browser on your phone might not do the job when you are interested in the dark web. 

Which now begs the question, how does the onion domain compare to an ordinary domain?

Onion domain vs. Ordinary domain

You must have come across an ordinary domain a few times in your life. These include the .com, .org, and .biz domains from the ICANN. These ordinary domains are countless in search engines. However, most of them go unnoticed. 

Also, when getting an ordinary domain, you must register a domain and a subdomain with the ICANN. Usually, this service comes with the cost of registering and maintaining the domain. 

On the other hand, a dark web domain is like nothing you know of. It is complicated, unregistered, and, most importantly, comes with no cost attached. However, you need a Tor website to access the dark web.

How to access the dark web

How can the dark web help you, and how can you access it? First, the onion design used in the dark web is available in plenty. It is common in .onion sites, which also give you access to the dark web. 

However, the Tor browser stands undefeated with numerous layers of anonymity that you would otherwise lack in normal browsers.

As you may have heard, the only way to access the dark web is to use a Tor website. This feature is both a drawback and the biggest advantage to Tor. 

Despite the site being famous among people in the circle, only a few others know of Tor. For this reason, it is almost guaranteed that you will rarely encounter massive traffic when browsing.

Now, how can you access the dark web?

With a Tor browser, you can learn how to access the dark web with a few simple clicks. Remember, the dark web is full of criminals. So, before walking into the abyss, get yourself some protection.

A good VPN adds an extra layer of protection for your private life. More importantly, the VPN protects you from the vulnerabilities of access to the dark web. 

So, how do you access the dark web?

The best idea for a deeper into the dark web is to lead by downloading an anonymous Tor browser on your device. 

Once you have installed it, switch on your VPN protection and launch the Tor browser. 

As you launch it, ensure no scripts are running in the background. 

Once everything is okay, you can adjust your browser’s security levels and go to town on the dark website of your choice. 

How to access the Dark Web safely?

The summary above only focuses on accessing the dark web. However, there are ways you can improve your security levels when browsing the dark web. Some of these plans you can use to boost your browser safety. 

  1. Understanding the basics of the dark web

The dark web is a complex place. It is full of scammers, phishing websites, and so much more. So, as you start diving deeper into the dark web, ensure you understand the basics of the deep web.

  1. Use a mobile live OS.

Anonymity is the number one selling point of the dark web. So, the more anonymous you are, the safer you become. Therefore, you must take all measures possible to ensure you remain unknown and leave no trace on the internet. 

Also, the Tor websites do not have a sync function. This means that the data on your laptop could appear in the cloud storage. However, with the Tor websites, you do not have to worry about opened tabs, settings, etc.

  1. Get Tor from the official website.

The best place to get the website is to shop for it from the original manufacturers. So, you can download and install the Tor app, and with a few tweaks, you will be ready to go. 

Other activities include:

  1. Change your security levels 
  2. Use VPN to encrypt your traffic
  3. Close everything once you are done with them
  4. Avoid logins, payment details, or subscriptions while on the dark web. 

The dark web is only a figment of the deep web. And although the websites do not have reputable participants and are known for violent crimes, you can also get some good out of them. For instance, if you need to meet players who enjoy gaming, you can play chess.

However, while you try to see the iceberg hidden behind the SERPs, and get things that you would normally have a hard time buying in your area, remember to keep safe. The dark web is full of criminals, and you are not special to them. So, if you must access the dark web, use VPNs to protect your privacy and information.