Hidden Wiki Link – Dark Web Links 2023 (New V3 Onion – Tor Links)

Understanding the dark web and the hidden wiki in simple terms :

The dark web and the hidden wiki are unpleasant words for some internet users, while it is more pleasant for the notorious users of the dark web. 

When we go through the words related to the dark web, one will imagine only the crimes and criminal activity that happen there.

But more good things are rising on the dark web, like forums, bloggers, whistle-blowers, search engines to access and navigate the dark web, etc. 

Fact : “One should not see the negative sides of the dark web and conclude the opinion about the dark web. Almost all crimes on the dark web also occur in the clearnet.”

Who else uses the dark web?

People with a job in a secret agency, people who work against or with a government secretly, and Internet offenders who want to stay anonymous and hide their anonymity from the Internet choose the dark web. 

The federal agencies of different countries are working together to prevent dark web crimes

Safety tools to access the .onion links: 

Before accessing any of the .onion links listed here or from any other source, we recommend users use some safety tools. 

Dark Web / Hidden Wiki Scams

What do we do at darkweb.wiki?

Darkweb is where most people lose money to scammers or scam programs.

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Using a VPN: 

By using a VPN, a user can ensure that the safety of the IP address is compromised. 

A VPN secures user’s data by protecting the device and the data from the data collecting companies. 

VPN protects the devices from hackers. 

VPN helps to visit websites blocked in your region. 

Using an anti-virus software: 

Anti-virus software protects the computer device by running a complete daily scan of all the data files stored on the computer, checking for viruses, trojans, malware, etc., 

When you download a file, anti-virus software checks for any bug in the file. 

Warns users before entering a website or link if the website is unsafe to visit. 

Users can avoid phishing attacks, so a user can avoid losing money. 

These VPNs and anti-virus software are cheaper and cost very few dollars a year. If your device is connected to the internet daily and downloads multiple files from unknown resources, you should buy a VPN and an anti-virus to ensure more safety.

Dark web links or hidden wiki links :

The following links cannot be opened in regular search engines. Download TOR to access the below links. 

DuckDuckGO : 

Link: http://duckduckgogg42xjoc72x3sjasowoarfbgcmvfimaftt6twagswzczad.onion/

DuckDuckGo is a search engine on the clearnet which provides its service on ranking and indexing the regular .com,.net,.gov, etc., websites. 

DuckDuckGo provides its service on the TOR with a working .onion link, which provides the same result as duckduckgo.com. 

Duckduckgo on the hidden wiki

As duckduckgo is a privacy-oriented search engine that does not collect and store user’s data, users of duckduckgo can use this onion link on Tor for easy access and more safety. 

The drawback is the loading speed of the onion links, a common issue as the .onion websites take more time to load. 

Hidden wiki : 

Link: http://wiki47qqn6tey4id7xeqb6l7uj6jueacxlqtk3adshox3zdohvo35vad.onion/

The Hidden Wiki website was a directory of dark web links. Later, it was taken down by federal agents as it provided links to illegal websites on the dark web. 

Now, more hidden wiki-cloned websites provide their service for the directory of links. One should be cautious or not open links if unsure about the website. 

British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC):

Link: https://www.bbcweb3hytmzhn5d532owbu6oqadra5z3ar726vq5kgwwn6aucdccrad.onion/

The BBC is one of the largest television networks that broadcast news programs in various countries worldwide. BBC provide their service on the dark web by having a .onion domain. 

The advantage of this domain is anyone using the Tor can access them. If a country has blocked the bbc.com domain, they can use the bbc onion link to find the news. 

The news provided in the Onion domain differs from their bbc.com website, and they publish all the international news and articles. 


Link: http://protonmailrmez3lotccipshtkleegetolb73fuirgj7r4o4vfu7ozyd.onion/

Protonmail provides private emailing services, which are end-to-end encrypted. The mailing service is a widely used platform across internet users worldwide. It is most famous for the encryption it provides, which is safer and provides privacy to its users. 

They work on an onion domain to fully integrate a privacy mailing platform. 


Link: https://www.facebookwkhpilnemxj7asaniu7vnjjbiltxjqhye3mhbshg7kx5tfyd.onion

If you are a Facebook user and need more privacy on your data, you can use the Facebook onion link. 

Facebook, a social media giant, predicts the future of privacy and enables its service with an onion domain. 

If Facebook is blocked in your country, you can use the Facebook dark web link. 


Link: http://dreadytofatroptsdj6io7l3xptbet6onoyno2yv7jicoxknyazubrad.onion/

Dread is a forum on the dark web, also known as the Reddit of the dark web. 

It is a famous forum on the dark web. Dark web veterans know and use this forum for the exchange of information. 

But in recent times, the forum lost most of its users. Questions submitted in the forum get no answers, as there is a decline in the number of active users. 


Link: http://p53lf57qovyuvwsc6xnrppyply3vtqm7l6pcobkmyqsiofyeznfu5uqd.onion/

ProPublica is a nonprofit organization that delivers investigative journalism. 

Most investigative journalisms’ are blocked in some countries as they raise questions against the government and provide clear-cut information about the problems faced by the people in a country. 

Like ProPublica, we want more journalists and bloggers to start their websites on the dark web to reach more people in the future. 

The New York Times:

Link: https://www.nytimesn7cgmftshazwhfgzm37qxb44r64ytbb2dj3x62d2lljsciiyd.onion

The New York Times is one of the oldest daily newspaper companies. They publish the news and articles on their dark web onion link officially. 

How to access the dark web? 

Though there are many ways to access the dark web, we advise users only to access the onion links with a TOR browser. 

Tor, also known as the onion router, protects users privacy and protects from advertisers who monitor users internet activity, providing the user the freedom to surf the internet. 

Download the TOR browser from its official web page to access the hidden part of the internet. 

Tor is available for Windows, Linux, MAC OS, and Android.

Though Tor is not available for the most commonly used mobile OS Ios, the official TOR browser recommends a third-party Ios app, which users can download from the following link https://support.torproject.org/tormobile/tormobile-3/

Difference between a deep web and a dark web: 

There needs to be more clarity for the users, as is the deep web and dark web the same. 

The answer is no, and they are not the same. 

Hidden Wiki - Dark Web - Deep Web Difference

The Internet is categorized into three parts: the surface, deep, and dark web. 

The surface web is the one that users surf through the internet daily on the regular search engine and browsers. 

Say, the website you search on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., and the browsers you use, like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., show you the contents of the surface web. 

The deep web is where a low level of internet crimes happen, like pirated software are sold, torrents, pirated movies, illegal chats and forums, etc., are the happenings of the deep web. 

The dark web is a place deep down the bottom of the internet, where only a few will visit. The dark web contributes to most of the internet crime. The crimes that happen here are buying and selling illegal goods that involve weapons, guns, and data stolen from the most significant organizations, data leaks, hiring a hit man, hacking sensitive information, etc., 

What are the threats while accessing the dark web and the hidden wiki?

There may be many issues or problems while accessing the dark web

One cannot be sure of the safety of their privacy while accessing the dark web. There may or may not be many threats while surfing the dark web. 

A user surfing the dark web can click on an unknown resource that may lead to a download of an unknown malware that harms your computer, which leads to a data leak. 

This malware can be in any form, like viruses, trojans, etc., 

Many scams happen on the dark web, where victims fall prey to the scams. 

Avoid buying from unknown vendors on the dark web. 

If you are a victim of a scam on the clearnet or the dark web, take a moment to report us. We will include the link on our scam list. 

Our scam list is one the most prominent tools, used widely by many users. The list is entirely free to access. 

Scams on the Dark Web and the hidden Wiki

Click here to see and add any website to the scam list

How to stay safe and avoid any loss on the dark web: 

Staying safe on the dark web is the key factor. Before accessing unknown links, follow the steps below to avoid loss or damage. 

  • Do not share any personal or sensitive information with anyone. 
  • Do not keep personal files, passwords, or PINs on your device accessing the .onion links. 
  • Use a reputed VPN. 
  • Use anti-virus software. 
  • Do not download any unknown files. 
  • Never trust anyone on the dark web. 
  • Do not click on any unknown links. 
  • If you are not sure about a website, leave immediately. 
  • Check the website address twice to avoid a phishing attack. 
  • Do not try to communicate with anyone on the dark web, which may lead to an illegal trade. 

Follow the guidelines carefully and stay safe while surfing the dark web.


 As we already discussed, the dark web may be a scary word for some users. More information is already available on the regular internet. 

The dark web is a place for some shady people who want to hide their identity and maintain privacy. If you are not looking for the advantages, you can use the regular web, search engines, and browsers. 

If you are a victim of any scams on the dark web, regular web, or from any internet scam, notify us by providing the details of the fraud, like websites, names, etc., and We will add it to our scam list to ensure safety to other users and save money. 

Also, access our scam list to identify the type of scams, and website links, which is free for the users. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Is it illegal to visit the dark web?

Just visiting and looking at what is on the dark web is not a crime. It is only illegal when you try unlawful activities on the dark web. 

Is it safe to visit the dark web?

Some of the dark web links are safe. This means they are only safe to visit, not to buy or sell there or do illicit activity. Also, use a VPN to ensure more protection. If you click on any unknown links, a VPN and anti-virus software will help your device be protected and safe. 

Can the federal agents track it down? 

Yes. Only if you do any illegal activities. Federal agents are highly active on the dark web networks to track down and take actions against illicit markets, hackers, etc., So don’t try to do any activity on the dark web. 

What is the future of the dark web? 

The dark web become a famous place for cybercriminals as they think they can stay safe there. But with the increase in the patrolling by the agents, it is so hard for them to be there. More people will start to use the dark web for the safety and privacy offered by Tor. 

Can we access the dark web without a VPN? 

You don’t need a VPN if you visit known links like Facebook. But if you use any unknown links to learn the dark web and study about the links, then using a VPN will ensure the protection of your IP.