What to find on Dark Web

What can we find on the dark web?

The dark web is part of the internet that isn’t visible to search engines and requires the use of an anonymizing browser called Tor to be accessed.

The Dark Web is the murky underbelly of the Internet. This is a lawless domain, where the rule of law doesn’t exist and Bitcoin is the universal currency in the dark web.

The reason for the dark web to grow like this was because of the freedom. There is no government law to moderate the content.

Stepping inside the dark web, we can find the following things

  • Credit Cards
  • Money Transfers
  • Gift Cards
  • Bitcoins
  • Counterfeit Money
  • Drugs
  • Forums
  • Government Data
  • Blueprints
  • Electronic Goods
  • Hackers
  • Netflix & Other Streaming Accounts
  • Dark Web Hosting Servers
  • Fake Documents
  • Hitman
  • Weapons and Accessories
  • Rocket Launchers
  • SWAT-Grade Body Armor
  • Plastic Explosives
  • Uranium
  • Spirits
  • Child Porn
  • Red Rooms
  • Slaves
  • P2P file sharing, Torrent
  • Media – Copyrighted Audio, Video and Books
  • Ricin and Other Poisonous Substances
  • Escrows

We will see individually with screenshots. As the onion links are confidential and may lead to harm users we have excluded it. Everything you see below is the real screenshot of it. Not manipulated content.

Credit Cards

Anyone with a little knowledge on the dark web can buy a credit card. Some dark web sites sell credit cards with real cash in it. These cards are generated by stealing the card details from Payment gateways and cloning them. Even some sites sell physical cards that can be used the same as normal credit cards for shopping, withdrawals, etc.

Money Transfers

Online money transfers are one of the main businesses in the dark web. It involves real money transfers in different stolen accounts. Most transfers happen in PayPal, Western Union. Some sellers promise to be real but mostly full of scammers claiming to be real. Some sites claim to have access to have PayPal credits generators where they will be able to generate infinite PayPal credits for the customers.

Gift Cards

If you step inside the dark web, you can find marketplaces everywhere. Some genuine marketplaces sell gift cards of Amazon, iTunes, Steam and much more.


Just like any product you can buy Bitcoins. The mode of payment depends on sellers. Some miners sell real bitcoins for real money.

Counterfeit Money

Today, it’s much easier to create counterfeit bills. Counterfeiting is sufficiently prevalent throughout history that it has been called “the world’s second-oldest profession”. Counterfeit notes were advertised everywhere in the dark web and orders were received either directly or via email.


The drugs are very sensitive products and you can’t buy most of the illegal or legal drugs without a doctor’s prescription, But the dark web has multiple web drug sites and stores that deal in all types of legal or illegal drugs.

Government Leaked Data

Some discussion forums accessed via Tor are distinctly unpleasant, but if you’re interested in conspiracy theories, leaked documents and unreported global events. Dark web publishes documents of political or historical importance that are censored or otherwise suppressed.


No content moderation and no government interference are the practical advantages of why the dark web forums are very popular. Anyone can ask or talk about literally anything without their identity being exposed.


You can find blocked or censored blueprints on the dark web. For example, the blueprints for 3D printing guns are very confidential and not allowed on the surface web, but you can buy it for the price of an iPhone and 3D print it at home.

Electronic Goods

Products like Smartphones, Laptops, Tablet PCs and other gadgets are easily available on the dark web. The main reason it is very cheap on the dark web is there is no country’s tax involved.


The dark web has lots of hacker sites, you can hire them for a little hacking job or high profile jobs for hijacking a complete website. Since the dark web exists, hackers are selling their services on there. If you need the services of a hacker and are looking to hire a hacker, there is no better place to do it safely and anonymously than the dark web.

Netflix & Other Streaming Accounts

Pirates are selling hundreds of stolen login details on the dark web for Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other services, according to new research. It can cost you half the price of the original Netflix account.

Dark Web Hosting Servers

The same way you buy on the regular web – you get a web server on the dark web without giving any personal details. Every tor service provider accepts bitcoins and they support full anonymity. If you want to set up a store on the hidden web it is easy and simple now.

Fake Documents

The dark web enables individuals to get what they need. While there are no guarantees that fake passports and other ID documents purchased on the dark web can get someone access a border, individuals who need a fake ID can purchase it online for a relatively small amount of money.


The dark web helps you to hire a hitman for all types of crimes such as damages, rapes, fires, murders and much more.

Weapons and Accessories

Dark web offers pistols, assault weapons, sniper rifles, optics, grenades, launchers, hand grenades, full auto rifles and more.

Child Porn

Child pornography includes rape, sexual torture of innocent children. But this type of child pornography is banned by many dark web links porn sites.

Red Rooms

The red room provides child pornography beyond the rules. TORTURE OF WOMEN. Most of the red room contains torture of women. The user will pay the admin depending upon the privilege and order his wishes to be fulfilled.


Escrow is a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives and disburses money or property. As the hidden wiki is fully anonymous and involves huge payments, people prefer Escrows for their shopping experience. There are some real escrow service providers specifically for dark web and illegal products.

Ricin and Other Poisonous Substances

Drugs and chemicals are the primary commodities on the dark web. Some sites sell very poisonous substances like Cyanide, Ricin and more. The Radioactive Poison Being Sold on the Hidden Web appeared first on Dark Web News.


Uranium, the kind that can be used to make atomic weapons, can be found on the dark web. As dangerous and dire as this may sound, it’s highly unlikely that anyone could buy enough to weaponize it, or even have the means to — still, it’s uranium.

P2P file sharing, Torrent

TOR was made for anonymous browsing and imagine downloading something using it. The file-sharing process is so simple, only upload your file, copy your file link and share it with anyone on the dark web.